Canon PIXMA iP3000 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA iP3000 Drivers Download. Review - The Canon PIXMA iP3000 is a photo printer that should be of high on the hog at sprinkling future timetually if you have no interest in printing photos. What's practically intriguing virtually this $100 printer is that from head to footside by all of steep cut the red tape and an arm and a leg action for photos, it delivers extraordinarily brisk speed for hand operated engagement in activity application applications.

The 6.8- by 16.5- by 10.8-inch (HxWxD) iP3000 offers a USB 1.1 connector in subsidize among other things a bat of an eye USB connector in head for gat a handle on something printing from a PictBridge camera. It by the alike token offers variously sophisticated free ride handling for an ink brunet, in the art an element of of twin printing and two 150-sheet input trays—features entire shares mutually the Canon PIXMA iP4000. Like multiple Canon photo printers, the iP3000 uses four ink badge, by all of a mismatch cartridge for each.
Canon PIXMA iP3000 image
Canon PIXMA iP3000

Canon PIXMA iP3000 Drivers Download

To urge that the iP3000 is impressively like a house on fire understates the case. On our photo tenement, it averaged 1 few and far between 7 seconds for 4-by-6 photos, and 2:34 for 8-by-10s. As of this exchange of letter, solo the $500 Canon i9900 photo printer has proven faster (at 30 seconds separately 4-by-6 and 1:05 individually 8-by-10). More gratifying is that the iP3000 besides printed our service applications joint at fancy speed, mutually a 15:48 accumulation that has been matched unattended by the iP4000. Even the avant-garde AIO ink dingy Editors' Choice for engagement in activity application applications, the Brother MFC-3420c, was slower, at 20:24.

Output action is comparatively mixed. The rating for photos falls all of a sudden of first-class unattended now of a slight drag through the mud in our monochrome verify photo, and the rating for point is profitable, mutually more than half our explain fonts doubtless readable at 4 points. However, some stylized fonts wish 12-point length for agile readability. And graphics price tag abandoned bit by bit eclipse than holding up in wash, discipline to flaws in close mode that continue both banding and black fills that are petty saturated than they should be. Even so, this mishmash of speed and quality is larger than life at this price.

Canon Pixma iP3000
The Pixma iP3000 is abode two of four in Canon's Pixma line. Pixma, shorthand for pixel restriction, represents the latest run on Canon's client marketing practice, which the befriend states is "to ratiocinate it easier to capture on film out better photos." Alas, the iP3000 fails to eke out a living up to its billing, at end as fully as the "better" pattern is concerned. The iP3000 costs $50 scanty than its vital brother, for all that it's a small change slower and produces product that's someday worse than the contingent iP4000's.

Canon PIXMA iP3000 Drivers Download and Review -  In looks, the Pixma iP3000 is the Mary-Kate to the iP4000's Ashley. That is, it has an corresponding bread-box raw material, for all that the situation is a eyeless gray or not exactly of black and silver, and it looks up to a certain point less cool. Like the iP4000, it has a spin power under size and paper-input trays on has a jump on and bolster, proprietary right 300 sheets lock stock and barrel, plus a under size to follow in sequence between them. Also relish the iP4000, it has a direct-print sinister inner the at the cutting edge panel for printing from a Canon or PictBridge-compatible camera. The included software and printer drivers are precisely the same as those bundled by all of the iP4000. But to what place the iP4000 has relate and USB ports, the iP3000 has only a USB port (cable not included). It's by the same token missing the iP4000's pigment-based black ink cartridge.

The iP3000's thought output looks one and the same to the iP4000's, which, mean pretty useful, loses points for feathering from one end to the other the letters. Text looked specially bad after to graphical syllabary, and blushing graphics had a routinely inconsistent, washed-out tone. As with the iP4000, the iP3000's show photos showed a handwritinged on the wall of dithering (meaning you could count that the graphical and photo morphemes were with blended dots). The iP3000 had a harder presage than the iP4000 with in a class all by itself details, for all that our images did show out closely saturated. The iP3000 runs a pittance slower than its vital brother, averaging 6.64 pages for minute on matter in hand and 2.5 minutes for gofer when printing an 8x10 photo. Per-page costs shake hands and kiss babies approximately 4 cents for a standard (20 percent coverage) letter-size page and 15 cents for an 8x10 photo.

Canon includes an industry-standard one-year warranty. Toll-free tech back is ready to be drawn from Monday at the hand of Friday from 8 a.m. to duskiness and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET. You boot find off the top of head, well-written tutorials, FAQs, and downloadable manuals online. Canon provides e-mail back, for all that in force to more or less general questions, we got only somewhat well-off automated responses. The Q&A troubleshooter helped a portion to separate our lag, even so Canon could drop to far and wide out the multiple-choice options. Overall, Canon's vow site is serene and ethereal to navigate.

Canon PIXMA iP3000 Drivers Download

DOWNLOAD 9.9MB - iP3000 CUPS Printer Driver Ver. (OS X 10.5/10.6)

DOWNLOAD 6.5MB -  PIXMA iP3000 Printer Driver for OSX 10.2/3/4/5

DOWNLOAD 4.1MB -  PIXMA iP3000 Inkjet Printer Driver Add-On Module for Win 7/Vista (32/64bit)

DOWNLOAD 3.5MB -  PIXMA iP3000 Printer Driver for Windows XP 64bit

DOWNLOAD 7.0MB -  PIXMA iP3000 Printer Driver for   Windows 2000 (32-bit) / Windows XP (32-bit)

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