HP LaserJet Pro CP1525nw Printer Driver Download

HP LaserJet Pro CP1525nw Printer Driver Download. Printer Review - brother to the HP LaserJet Pro CP1025nw color Printer ($229, 3.5 celebrities) and also somehow the solitary function variation of the HP LaserJet Pro CM1415fnw color MFP ($449, 4 stars)-- both of which I've lately assessed-- the HP LaserJet Pro CP1525nw printer ($349 direct), is plainly developed as both a personal printer and also a possible common ink-jet printer in a micro office. Indeed, it could serve well in either role, although it's valued a little high wherefore it supplies.
HP LaserJet Pro CP1525nw Printer Driver Download

HP LaserJet Pro CP1525nw Printer Driver Download

The keyword in defining the CP1525nw as big brother to the CP1025nw is big, with a 15.7 by 17.8 inch (WD) impact that will certainly take up a little bit more space on a desktop computer compared to you may such as. The good news is that it's only 10 inches high, so at least you will not seem like it's overlooking you. On the other hand it's remarkably heavy for the size, at 40 pounds, which is greater than some people might really feel comfortable lifting and also relocating by themselves. In spite of the added dimension and weight (as well as rate), the CP1525nw does not deliver all that far more compared to the CP1025nw. Particularly, its paper handling is practically as restricted. Like its little brother, it has just a 150 sheet input tray, without automated duplexing as well as no options offered. It includes a one-sheet hands-on feed port, so you could publish on a different paper stock without having to swap out the paper in the main tray, but that's practically the only benefit it supplies.

HP LaserJet Pro CP1525nw Establishing the CP1525nw is conventional price. I installed it utilizing a wired network link as well as ran my tests from a Windows Vista system. HP ranks the ink-jet printer at 12 ppm for black and white and 8 ppm for shade, which ought to be close to the speeds you'll see when printing text files with no graphics or pictures. On the new version of our business applications suite (timed with QualityLogic's software and hardware) I gauged it at an efficient 2.9 web pages each minute (ppm), only a little faster than the CP1025nw, at 2.7 ppm.

Not surprisingly, considering that the CP1525nw and CM1415fnw both utilize the exact same ink-jet printer engine, they came out with essentially similar speeds on every test in the suite. As an additional factor of reference, however, we gauged the similarly valued Editors' Choice Dell 1350cnw Color LED Printer ($299, 4 superstars) at a considerably faster 4.9 ppm. If you're made use of to inkjets, you'll most likely consider the CP1525nw rate acceptable, however it suffices slower compared to the Dell ink-jet printer to see the distinction in day to day job.

Result High quality
The ink-jet printer scores a little much better on output high quality than on rate about various other lasers, especially for content, but the total top quality isn't outstanding.

HP LaserJet Pro CP1525nw Printer Driver Free Download Text high quality is good enough for any sort of company need, and a match for most lasers. Shade graphics are merely a touch below par. They're certainly adequate for any inner business requirement, as well as the majority of our test outcome was good enough to offer for marketing products like trifold brochures and also one page handouts. Nevertheless, among the test pictures showed undesirable posterization (with colors transforming suddenly where they ought to transform gradually), so you might need to pick your shading meticulously.

Photo outcome was much below par for a shade laser, with most of the pictures looking overexposed. The quality was good enough for printing recognizable pictures from Website, but I wouldn't consider utilizing the ink-jet printer for something like a client newsletter if I were aiming to convey a sense of professionalism and reliability.

Given that you could get practically the same capability from HP's very own CP1025nw for less money, or obtain much faster rate from the Dell 1350cnw for the very same price, it's tough to recommend the CP1525nw without reservations. On the other hand, if you can discover it at a completely small cost, and also as long as you publish little bit sufficient so you do not mind having only a 150-sheet ability, the CP1525nw could certainly load a slot as a personal ink-jet printer or discussed ink-jet printer in a micro office. At around ₤ 174, the HP LaserJet Pro CP1525n is an inexpensive colour laser printer. Worth lasers are generally a touch lightweight-- not the HP CP1525n, though, and also its sturdy case - weighing a substantial 18kg - stretches back a considerable 453mm. This is much further compared to most of the lower-priced lasers in our graphes, and also this HP LaserJet Pro CP1525n could virtually double up as a coffee table. Not that it isn't really beautifully styled, as well as the cream livery integrated with the extreme curvature of the front panel creates an ink-jet printer that's large, yet reasonably easy on the eye. The style of the HP LaserJet Pro CP1525n is useful, and also skin toner cartridges can be accessed by pulling down the front panel - most make you scrabble about at the rear. The oversized housing additionally implies that HP could build an expansive paper tray right into the top of the LaserJet.

HP LaserJet Pro CP1525nw Printer Driver Download and Printer Review - We don't have a main figure for the number of sheets the HP LaserJet Pro CP1525n could safely accumulate in its result tray, however we 'd think it be about the same as the 150 held by the sturdy input tray that slides in and out of all-time low. You can not increase its paper feed capacities (an added one-sheet slot at the front is the just other option), although you can update its 128MB of memory to a suitable 384MB. The control board really feels rather fundamental. A two-line text display screen lets you go through various options. Text isn't particularly very easy to check out, as well as buttons are fairly small, so you may should bend down to see what you're doing.

Provided you could recognize them, the options are reasonably detailed, as well as you can even fiddle around with the speed of the USB as well as calibrate the colour. There are couple of added functions, as well as no slots for USB thumbdrives or flash memory card.

Neither exists an auto-duplex option, but there is ethernet as criterion. Need to you desire Wi-fi, the very comparable CP1525nw supplies an 802.11 b/g/n interface for around an extra ₤ 17. A bad aspect of the HP LaserJet Pro CP1525n is its speed. Even on mono text, it notes an official figure of merely 12 web pages each min (ppm). In reality, the HP spun with our text examinations at the rate of 9.6 ppm. It would be trounced by any sort of suitable dedicated mono laser - the ₤ 160 Kyocera Mita FS-1320D, for instance, puts out at 26.1 ppm. In fairness, colour lasers tend to be slower: the ₤ 135 Oki C110 easily betters the HP with a price of 15.8 ppm. Nonetheless, when it involves colour printing, the Oki's number of 2.5 ppm is far behind this HP LaserJet Pro CP1525n's 5.6 ppm. Nonetheless, the HP LaserJet Pro CP1525n is slow. It takes over 30 seconds to spread out the initial sheet, and also if speed is crucial for you, the CP1525n will confirm an inadequate choice. Which would certainly be an embarassment, as it succeeds on top quality.

Its colours are dark yet relatively rich and sensible, and the HP LaserJet Pro CP1525n is refreshingly clean and experiences very few troubles with banding and dithering. Skin tones are smoothly dealt with. It did well in content top quality also, generating personalities that are rather light yet well formed, with none of the fuzziness that mars inkjets and also low-grade lasers. The HP LaserJet Pro CP1525n could be a cheap printer to get, but it isn't especially cost-efficient to run. Skin toner costs work out as 3.8 p for a web page of black and 12.7 p for a web page of colour. That 3.8 p is considerably in line with the Oki C110, although it's still around two times as high as you would certainly pay on a decent mono model.

However, the actual eye-waterer is the price of colour - exercising at 12.7 p/page. It might be feasible to obtain the cost down by truly searching about, yet sub-10p a page will certainly prove very not likely. When also the Oki offers colour web pages for 5p a time, consumables are accurately a problem.

Link HP LaserJet Pro CP1525nw Printer Driver Download
Operating Systems: Windows 8 (32-bit,64-bit),  8.1 (32-bit,64-bit), 7 (32-bit, 64-bit)
Operating Systems: Windows Vista (32-bit,64-bit),  Win Xp (32-bit)
Operating Systems: Mac OS X 10.5 or later
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