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Download Firefox 53.0.3 Offline Installers

Download Firefox 53.0.3 Offline Installers - Mozilla Firefox 53.0.3 is a quickly, full-featured Internet internet browser. It provides excellent security, privacy, as well as protection against infections, spyware, malware, and it can also easily obstruct pop-up home windows. The essential attributes that have made Mozilla Firefox so preferred are the basic as well as effective UI, web browser rate as well as solid safety and security abilities. Firefox is improved top of the powerful brand-new Gecko system, leading to a more secure, less complicated to use and more personal product.
Download Firefox 53.0.3 Offline Installers
Firefox 53.0.3

Download Firefox 53.0.3 Offline Installers

Firefox includes pop-up barring, tab-browsing, integrated Google search, streamlined personal privacy controls, a streamlined internet browser window that shows you even more of the web page compared to any other web browser and also a number of added features that collaborate with you in order to help you get one of the most from your time online.

Efficiency: in Firefox 34, there were no significant modifications made in regards to performance-related concerns, nevertheless, there were over 3,700 pest solutions, including fixes to safety and security susceptabilities. There were a couple of brand-new functions applied in Firefox 34 as discussed below.

Mozilla carried out Windows Off Main Thread Compositing (OMTC) in Firefox 33. Essentially, OMTC gives a smoother surfing experience while consuming less sources. This is completed by adding a second thread in order to make the main-thread-loop more efficient.
An additional efficiency improvement was effective JavaScript Strings by optimizing Latin1 (Unicode block) strings to save memory as well as improve general efficiency. Technically talking, it will use one byte, as opposed to two bytes, per character.

Firefox 32 introduced a brand-new HTTP cache which was created to improve performance. This assisted load-time rate in addition to effective refilling from a browser collision recovery. Additionally, FF33 consisted of renovation in the reliability of the "Session Restore" feature in the browser by producing wise back-ups.

Safety and security: in Firefox 34, in terms of protection, Mozilla carried out safe and secure searching in Wikipedia via HTTPS which is a protected communications procedure that aids avoid "man-in-the-middle" strikes. Mozilla likewise disabled SSLv3 which is a communication protocol that offers interaction security. The decision was made after Google reported a significant susceptability in SSLv3, earlier in October 2014.

Support for attaching to HTTP proxy over HTTPS was added in the Firefox 33 upgrade. Likewise, the brand-new Web content Security Plan (CSP) was enhanced since it wased initially presented in FF4. Basically, CSP aids limit the threat of cross-site scripting attacks by allowing sites to show where material can be packed from.

Download Firefox 48.0.1 Offline Installers

  • Language: English (US)
  • Developer:
  • Support Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 / Mac / Linux

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[Download] ↔ Linux 64bit

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