Xinorbis (Download) Offline installer

Xinorbis (Download) Offline installer

Xinorbis 6.2.4 For Windows
Xinorbis 6.2.4 For Windows. Review - Xinorbis 6.2.4 is a direct however successful hard circle, organizer and capacity analyser. It makes utilization of a blend of graphs, tables and also tree presentation screens to supply the person with a full diagram of the materials of any kind of hard commute, envelope, removable commute or system drive.

Xinorbis permits you assess the substance of hard circles, SSD's, organizers or system envelopes, USB drives, sd card or different other removable storage room.

Xinorbis 6.2.4 Latest Version (Download) Offline installer

Xinorbis has a powerful report motor that can creating diverse record sorts comprising of HTML, CSV, Text, Tree and in addition XML.

Past history
Xinorbis stores a copy of its weigh workings with in the Folder History file. Comprising of a record of the private properties of each information furthermore envelope in the check.

Xinorbis comes furnished with a viable hunt framework, which incorporates parameters and components for looking by information name, record size, day and time, bunch, information properties and information proprietor.

Key Features Include:
  • With Xinorbis you can break down a lone commute, organizer or consolidate a few with one another in one report.
  • Sight information appropriation by information sort, territory, partners, size, singular (proprietor) and in addition date/time.
  • Find reproduce records (either by business or measurement).
  • Spare reports and tables for later difference or for fuse in different records.
  • In-bullt capable web index.
  • Shell help, examine an index with Windows Explorer.
With Xinorbis you can without much of a stretch view the materials, structure, records conveyance furthermore information piece of an entire hard commute, envelope, or a mapped system drive. Xinorbis helps consistent blend with SQlite3 or ODBC for its Folder Past history data chronicle.

Download Xinorbis 6.2.4 For Windows

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